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Chiswick Wedding

Tomek & Tara's Garden Wedding Sydney | Chiswick Woollahra

A beautiful garden wedding in Sydney

Tomek and Tara's garden wedding in Sydney took place at the always stunning Chiswick Resturant in Woollahra. Tomek had contacted myself a few months earlier to ask if I would be interested in shooting their garden wedding ceremony. Obviously, I replied with a yes otherwise you probably wouldn't be reading this. Because it was a smaller, slightly more intimate wedding, Tomek and Tara were only after some photography of the ceremony, family formals and some nice couple shots. For this lovely couple, these were the moments that were most important to them and it's easy to understand why.

Having not shot at this venue before, I began doing some research after initially speaking with Tomek about the planned garden wedding in Sydney. I was surprised to learn that it was more than just a restaurant. Tucked away in the heart of Woollahra, with vibrant green gardens and an expansive lawn area, this establishment was quite the little oasis.

The Wedding

Tomek & Tara had flown in from their current home - Amsterdam a few days earlier, so they could tie the knot in front of family and friends. With so many venue options to choose from, the Chiswick Restaurant proved to be the perfect setting for their intimate garden wedding in Sydney. With a blue sky overhead and twelve o'clock drawing closer Tomek and guests all took their places on the lawn in anticipation for the arrival of Tara. Walking arm in arm, Tara's father guided her down the aisle to meet her soon to be husband. With a baby on the way, both Tara and Tomek were now able to tick off the last remaining box - getting married, thanks to the help of a celebrant close friend who married the couple.

Shortly after the ceremony, we got straight into the formal photos and some lovely couple shots. Fortunately for us, we didn't need to leave the grounds of Chiswick to take some incredible couple photos. With Chiswick's gardens forming the backdrop Tara and Tomek's simply enjoyed each others company as we went for a stroll around the establishment. Looking at the photos, it's pretty hard to believe that we were actually on the cities doorstep. After a hot lap of the venue, Tara and Tomek returned to their friends and family who were waiting to celebrate the special occasion with them further.

Thanks for having me Tomek & Tara, it was a privilege to share your day with you!


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