Heather + Sophie

Sophie + Heather

Bustle Studios - Sydney

Sophie and Heather's engagement party wedding took place at an intimate little venue in Sydney called Bustle Studios. They chose this venue because they were drawn to its eclectic vintage type feel. Sophie and Heather had been dating for roughly two and a half years before Sophie decided that it was time to pop the question. Sophie chose to take Heather for a romatic picnic up at Palm Beach lighthouse which overlooked Heather's favourite beach - Palm beach. It was here that Sophie got down on one knee and asked the love of her life to marry her. On the evening of their wedding, unbeknown to most of their guests Sophie and Heather decided to hold an engagement party with a twist. Only minutes before walking down the aisle they sprung the news on their unsuspecting guests that they were actually here to celebrate a marriage rather than an engagement. Their guests looked on with smiles from ear to ear as the couple looked each other in the eyes and said "I do".
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Location: Bustle Studios
Dress: Tarik Ediz
Dress Tailor: Bangkok Tailors
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