Improving Your Wedding Photos

The Bride & Groom's Guide To Improving Your Wedding Photos

Lonely Hunter Weddings has put together a PDF titled 'The Bride & Groom's Guide To Improving Your Wedding Photos'. We send this document out to all our engaged couples when they begin inquiring with us. We decided that rather than only sharing this document with our couples we should share it with every engaged couple. After all, we want everyone to get incredible wedding photos, not just our couples. The aim of this document is designed to help prepare you for your wedding day. That way, you know exactly what you can do as the bride and groom when it comes to improving your wedding photos. Not only will this document make sure you haven't forgotten anything when finalising the itinerary. It will also give you advice so you can better assist the photographer to get the best wedding photos possible.

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As a photographer, there is nothing better than arriving at the bride and groom's house in the morning when everything is organised and everyone has some idea of what the photographer will be looking for. The less time that we have to spend organising and explaining things, the more time we can spend doing what we do best - taking your photos.

The PDF is designed for every bride and groom

The document has been written so that any bride and groom can use it. Even if Lonely Hunter Weddings isn't shooting your wedding. So if your thinking about getting married, have just started the planning process or are hours away from the big day, I urge you to have a read. All you have to do is put your full name and email address in the form below and we'll email you a link to download the PDF.

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