A Little About Us

Hi there, I'm Ric I started this little business of mine a number of years ago and have grown it into what you see here today. I pretty much live and breath photography but when i'm not shooting weddings or working on Lonely Hunter you will usually find me in the surf, hanging out at a coffee shop or enjoying some down-time with my family.

Sarah is my partner of 8 years and I couldn't imagine doing life without her by my side. The photo to the left is a self-portrait I took of us goofing around during a trip to Joshua Tree National Park. I'm not entirely sure what we were trying to achieve in this photo; whether we were going for that casual desert dweller look (if that's a thing) or whether I was simply demonstrating how a modern-day pharaoh would pose, while she let me know through hand gestures how many nights she was going to leave me out there for if I continued taking photos.

In the final days of 2019 we both welcomed our little bundle of joy - Marlowe into the world (photos below). Our lives have changed for the better since she's been in the picture and we now have a reason to get up every morning.. I mean that quite literally! All jokes aside though, life is pretty good and we're really enjoying this new chapter!

Our Little Family

Our Approach

On any given wedding day, my goal is to help create a relaxed, stress-free environment where you can feel comfortable to be yourselves and enjoy the day as it unfolds. Using an intentional and creative approach, I will document your wedding day as unobtrusively as possible. I'll prioritise documenting those real and raw moments that occur naturally while at the same time always taking into consideration composition and lighting so that each image tells your story beautifully.

From the smallest of details to those over the shoulder glances, I believe that a wedding day is more than just the first kiss or the first dance. Instead, I see it as a continuous string of moments which unfold throughout an entire day which tell your love story and show the connection you share with your friends and family and this is how I plan to document it!

And yes, that dorky-looking kid with his camera and camera bag is me as a kid.. it would seem much hasn't changed!

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