Why An Australian Winter Wedding Can Be Better!

Why An Australian Winter Wedding Can Be Better!

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You’re probably thinking that we have lost our minds, right? Why on earth would Lonely Hunter Weddings think it’s a great idea to have an Australian winter wedding instead of an Australian summer wedding. Well, there are actually a lot of very interesting points as to why this time of year is better.

You may also be thinking, I’m just not a winter person and that’s okay. You should still read on though. Take the following points into consideration and maybe contemplate a wedding date outside of Summer. We’re talking about the months of autumn or spring if that’s the case.


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Reasons Why We Love An Australian Winter Wedding!

Sunlight Is Better For Photography

It goes without saying that you will want to look as amazing as you possibly can on your wedding day. We also understand that you want to preserve the memories from your special day with a stunning collection of wedding photos. Fortunately for you, this is when the sunlight will be most flattering.

No, we aren’t just saying that, there is a perfectly good scientific reason for this. June 22nd marks the winter solstice, this is a period when our position on earth in relation to the sun is at a 43-degree angle. But what does that mean? It will mean shorter daylight hours and that the sun will be at it’s lowest point in the sky (not directly overhead). If you’re still unsure where I am going with this, it means that the suns light will have to cut through more of the earth’s atmosphere before reaching us. So when the light eventually hits us, it’s softer and much more flattering compared to the summer months. In addition, the shadows on your face also won’t be as prominent. The summer solstice will happen during December 22nd, this will have the complete opposite effect to the winter solstice.

Because the sun is at the lowest point in the sky during this period, it will also mean that it’s going to take longer to set. So, if you want to make the most of a sunset and it’s beautiful light, then winter is the time to do it. During the summer months, the sun sets at 90-degrees to the earth’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, this means that the sunset in summer will happen much faster and won’t last quite as long as in winter.


Seamless Wedding Timeline

If you’re planning to have an Australian winter wedding, then you will also be getting married outside of daylight savings time (if you’re located in NSW/VIC or SA). This can benefit every type of wedding. However, it will be especially beneficial for couples who may be planning to have their ceremony outside. This will somewhat relate back to the previous point regarding sunlight. If you decide to hold your ceremony around 2.00pm in the afternoon and the sun sets at 5.30pm, it will once again mean that the light is softer. This is because there will be fewer daylight hours left in the day.

Additionally, the timeline of your wedding day will roll from the ceremony, straight into your portrait/location shoot. As that final hour of daylight is more often than not when you want to take these photos (location dependent of course). Contrary to the summer months, when you need to leave your reception at 8pm for half an hour if you plan to catch the sunset.


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More Time With Guests

As mentioned, the portrait/location shoot will finish earlier in the day due to an earlier sunset. This is a bonus because it will mean that you have more time to spend with guests. Having an Australian winter wedding will mean that you now have some extra time to relax and enjoy a few cocktails with your guests on dusk before entering your reception. After all, you invited these guests because you want to celebrate with them.


It Won’t Be 40 Degrees

Let’s be honest, it’s not fun standing out in the sweltering heat in the midst of summer. Especially if you are the groom or part of the bridal party and you’re wearing a suit. It’s great to dress up on occasion and an Australian winter wedding is the perfect climate for this type of attire.

In terms of the ladies, think classy gowns with sleeves, faux fur or tailor-made jackets. These added elements can have the ladies looking extra chic in the winter months. You also won’t have to worry about the thought of sweating or overheating once your makeup is complete. This won’t happen during the winter months.


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Improved Booking Availability & Opportunities For Discounts

The winter months are usually considered to be the slow season for wedding bookings. It doesn’t make sense to us! But this could easily go in your favour if you have your heart set on that dream venue. Also, if you’re on a slightly tighter budget, having an Australian winter wedding could be a great time to get married. You could take advantage of all the points we have mentioned here and potentially keep a few extra dollars in that back pocket.


Wedding Fatigue – Not In Winter

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have two or three weddings you need to attend in a short period of time? They might not even be weddings, they could just be social events. This can be a common occurrence during the summer period. You want your guests to be excited about your wedding. You also want to see them have a great time! We’re not saying they won’t be both these things. But sometimes it’s nice to look forward to an event because you don’t have much on. And chances are, your guests will be a little less busy when those winter months roll around.


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All The Cosy Feels

There is just something special about a winter wedding! I’m not quite sure if it’s those romantic candlelit venues or the sound of a crackling fire as it burns. It may even be the thought of a hot mulled wine or a hearty meal at the end of the day. Maybe it’s a combination of all the above! Either way, you’ll only get these cozy feels with a winter wedding.


Honeymoon Time & It’s Summer Overseas!

So your wedding planning all but finished. You then begin to wonder, where are we going to go for our honeymoon? Well, the good news is there are plenty of options if you are thinking of an overseas getaway. If you are having an Australian winter wedding then most of the Northern Hemisphere will be in their summer months. This could be the perfect opportunity to get away from the cold for a few weeks with your newly wed. Work on your tan, dive into that crystal clear blue water and get a couples massage every day. It sounds like bliss!


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Winter can be the perfect time to hold a wedding, just because the temperature is colder doesn’t mean you should write it off. There are plenty of other benefits to a winter wedding. As we mentioned at the start of the article, if you aren’t big on the cold, our suggestion would be to consider autumn or spring. Preferably before daylight savings starts (if you are in the states it effects). With all this being said, we do enjoy shooting weddings in Summer. However, we find the months outside summer to be more favourable for light.