Matt & Jac’s Palm Beach Wedding

Matt & Jac’s Palm Beach Wedding

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Matt & Jac – A Stunning Palm Beach Wedding

It was a warm and sunny summers day, great weather for my last wedding of 2018. I had never shot a Palm Beach wedding prior to Matt and Jac’s wedding, so it was fair to say I was looking forward to it. The reason I found this a little strange is because I myself am based on the Northern Beaches. I guess it probably works in the same way I have never climbed the Sydney Harbour Bride, having grown up a stone’s throw from the City. Never the less, it was the perfect day to be shooting a wedding at The Boathouse Palm Beach.

If you have ever watched an episode of home and away, which I’m sure most have. Then you may have already seen some of this Palm Beach wedding venue and it’s surrounding areas. Situated on the water at the foot of Barrenjoey lighthouse this is the perfect place for a Palm Beach wedding. If you also plan on taking full advantage of a sunset on your wedding day just like Matt & Jac did then The Boathouse Palm beach is the place to do it.

Our morning of Matt & Jac’s Palm Beach Wedding started rather pleasantly. We kicked it off with some casual drone photography, aiming to get a few shots of the surrounding area before the day begun. Following on from this we made our way up to the bride’s house. Jac and her entourage were situated at a house on the fringes of Avalon which overlooked the ocean. With plenty of room to move about and an adequate amount of ambient light, it was a great location for their bridal preparations. After spending some time with the girls, I ducked out to see how the guys were travelling.

The guys were located in a fancy little beach shack just across the road from Snappermans Beach. Thoughtfully planned out as this was where the ceremony was also to take place. Prior to getting ready, the guys decided to go for a refreshing dip in the ocean. Quite handy when it is only a 30-second walk from your front door. Once the guys were suited up it was time to dash back up the hill and see the ladies before making our way down to their Palm Beach wedding ceremony.



Matt and Jac’s Palm Beach wedding ceremony took place at a secluded little spot called Snappermans Beach. Like many small beaches around this area, it had more grass than beach. That was okay though as the grassed area was the perfect place to set up their ceremony. With guests slowly filtering in, the time was drawing near for these two to get married.

Matt and his groomsmen eventually assumed their positions at the end of the aisle in anticipation for Jac’s appearance. We did have a “stone the flamin’ crows” moment during this Palm Beach Wedding as an uninvited gust of wind did its best to disrupt Jac as she walked down the aisle. Fortunately, she pushed on and Matt was there to greet her with a welcoming smile as she reached the end.

Without any other hiccups, these two tied the knot and officially became husband and wife.
Prior to heading to our main location, we noticed some super cute spots close by which would be perfect for some couple photos. With white rendered walls and red coloured flowers, one of these spots seemed to reference Greece’s, Santori. Had I not told you, you may have had a hard time believing it was actually located in Palm Beach.



There are some photography locations that we take our couples to where I prefer not to mention the name of the area. This is one of those times. While some may already know this place, I prefer to not advertise it. I do this so it will remain somewhat special for couples who book with Lonely Hunter Weddings. It is also done in the hopes it doesn’t get overrun with other bridal parties during similar wedding times.

For Matt and Jac’s Palm Beach wedding we took them up to this very special location. The main feature of this place would be the unique trees which overhang the path. If you are not sure what I’m talking about, look for them in the photos below. While here we also decided to use a smoke bomb for some other interesting photo opportunities. One stand out for me was the black and white image seen with Matt & Jac.

Time started to draw close for the couple to enter their reception at the Boatshed Palm beach. So we decided to make our way down to the Palm Beach wedding venue. The beach which stretches along either side of this venue was to be our next stop. I passed out a bottle of champagne for Matt to spray everywhere, Similar to what happens on a moto GP podium. On this occasion though, Jac wanted the honours and I was all for that! She didn’t hold back when opening the bottle and sent champagne flying went everywhere!



After the bridal party made their entrance, it was time for the formalities. The sun still hadn’t set as Matt’s younger brother Chad kicked the Palm Beach wedding reception off in the best way possible with a very witty unscripted speech. It had everyone in stitches from the get-go.

When the speeches had finished, we made the most of a small window and went out to take some sunset photos on the jetty. Once the sun had set on the Boathouse Palm Beach, we got Matt and Jac back into their reception. Their first dance would soon follow before the dance floor was then opened up.

Having gone through high school with Matt & Jac, I had a fairly good idea of how this Palm beach wedding venue reception would play out. The dance floor was at full capacity throughout the entire night as Matt, Jac and their guests made the most of the special occasion.