Three Blue Ducks Wedding

Three Blue Ducks Wedding

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Audrey & Chris – A Three Blue Ducks Wedding

Audrey & Chris both happen to be digital designers, but that wasn’t how they met. Like lots of other couples in the digital age, they met on the dating app ‘Happen’. They bonded immediately over their love of street food and the rest was history. She told me that Chris can be a bit of a Masterchef at times. Apparently he loves getting adventurous with food when cooking in the kitchen. He has even created an Instagram account completely dedicated to his passion for cooking – @chris_dinner_ideas

Before their Three Blue Ducks wedding day arrived, these two dated for roughly three and a half years. After which Chris decided that the time was right to propose. For the proposal, Chris planned to do it at top of a snowy mountain in China while watching the sunrise. Even though it was minus twenty-seven degrees, he was quite determined and didn’t let the conditions get the better of him. I was told that at the time, the mountain was covered by snow and their eyelashes were frozen from the cold. Apparently, Audrey couldn’t see very well and when Chris got down on one knee, she thought he slipped and fell… Then he pulled out the ring asked her to marry him.

The couple both choose to have their wedding at the Three Blue Ducks in Rosebery because they are foodies and the food there is amazing. Another big drawcard was the venue itself, as it had that big inner city warehouse-style and reminded them of Brooklyn. The styling plan for their Three Blue Ducks wedding, was to deck the venue out with an assortment of Australian native flowers and plan

It was a cold and wet winters day on the morning of their wedding. Fortunately enough though the wet weather eased off as the day got underway. The bride prep for their Three Blue Ducks wedding took place in Little Bay. Audrey had managed to find a stunning house on Airbnb that was perfect for the occasion. She decided to do thing a little different when it came to her bridal party – which I thought was great! Rather than worrying about gender, she included all her closest friends. Both her bridesmaid’s maids and bridesmen men were all in high spirits when I arrived. When I walked through the door they were all practising how they were going to walk down the aisle but more importantly what they were going to do with their hands as they weren’t going to be carrying flowers.

After Audrey had finished having her hair and makeup done, we began getting her ready. I always think its nice to include some the bridal party and family members when it comes to getting ready. So on this occasion, I asked Audrey’s MOH and mum to give me a hand. Audrey’s mum couldn’t speak much English so Audrey was the honourable translator for the morning. We found a beautiful little corner of the house filled with character, charm and some gorgeous light to get ready in. Considering Audrey’s dress was fairly easy to get into, it wasn’t long before we had her dressed and looking all kinds of amazing.

For their Three Blue Ducks wedding, Audrey and Chris didn’t feel the need to document the groom prep which is why that section of the day isn’t included in the images below. Instead, I caught up with Chris on arrival at their wedding venue.



For their Three Blue Ducks wedding, Audrey and Chris had originally planned to hold the ceremony in the courtyard. It would have been here where the couple would have tied the note beneath fairy light and vines. Unfortunately, though we can not control the weather and because of that uncontrollable aspect, their ceremony was moved inside. While Audrey prepared to walk down the aisle, Chris stood looking sharp with his groomsmen in anticipation of her arrival. On approach, I could see that Chris’s eyes were welling up. I always love seeing a groom who allows his emotions to be seen as it always makes for powerful photos.

Their ceremony was held in a cosy little space inside the venue. Audrey and Chris filled the space with their closest friends and family members. Rather than holding a long ceremony, these two shared some touching moments before getting to the main reason of why they were here.. to say I do and seal it with a kiss. Rosie, the celebrant on the day did a wonderful job of keeping everyone entertained while ensuring everything ran smoothly. The paperwork was then signed and the couple walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. After which we commenced the family portraits before eventually moving onto the location shoot.



The Location shoot for their Three Blue Ducks wedding didn’t take place very far from where the ceremony was held.. just outside in fact. The location shoot for their wedding was a little different to my normal day time shoots as this one took place entirely at night. This is due to a number of contributing factors. The first was due to the time Three Blue Ducks closes its doors to members of the public and the second was due to it being Winter when the sun sets at 5.30. Because it was completely dark I knew I had to incorporate flash in order to create some beautiful photos for the couple. I also knew that incorporating flash meant that each shot was going to take a little longer to organise, so I had to be on my game.

We used a few different elements in the photos for their location shoot. These included the alleyway to Archie Rose, the driveway outside the Three Blue Ducks and some of the English Taxi’s Audrey and Chris had hired to get them from A to B. Audrey and Chris were both super comfortable in each other’s arms when it came to taking their photos. Because they were quite comfortable being in front of the camera, there wasn’t a lot that I had to do when it came to making them feel at ease. No doubt when you look at the photos below you will see exactly what I am referring to. Before we knew it, the location shoot was over and it was time to get them back into their reception. This was so that the formalities could commence. Time fly’s when you’re having fun!



The couple decorated their Three Blue Ducks wedding reception in an assortment of native Australian flowers. Which looked amazing I might add! The florals hung above the guest’s tables and also formed the backdrop for the main bridal party table. Speeches for their wedding were delivered by each respective father, the best man and the Bride and Groom. On this occasion, there was no cutting of the cake or first dance. All the couple asked was that their guests all pile onto the dance floor and enjoy dancing the evening way.

When it came time for Audrey and Chris to exit their Three Blue Ducks wedding, the guests got together and made a little love tunnel for the couple to exit through. Of course, I was at the end to capture those final moments as they left the party.



Thanks so much for having me along to document your wedding day Audrey and Chris! It was a real pleasure!


Venue – Three Blue Ducks | Celebrant – Rosie Beaton | Florist – The Wilds Sydney | Hair & Make-up – Sonia | Rings – Larsen Jeweller | Live Music – The Baker Boys | Car Hire – English Taxi Cabs