Beachside Dojo Wedding

Kerrie & Nathan

Beachside Dojo Wedding

Beachside Dojo Wedding

Kerrie & Nathan - Beachside Dojo Wedding

Kerrie & Nathan's Beahside Dojo wedding took place on a warm and slightly smokey summers day in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches. When we discussed their wedding day, Kerrie and Nathan both said they wanted to incorporate the beach in their wedding photos. This is because it's where Nathan spent a lot of his time growing up. Manly Beachside Dojo also happened to be the perfect venue as it overlooked the beach. The venue was close enough to the beach that you can hear the waves breaking. This was an aspect they loved. Not to mention the perfect size, big enough for all their guests to fit comfortably but small enough where it was still quite intimate.

Before their Beachside Dojo wedding, I asked Nathan what they had learned about each other in their time together. He said, the most obvious thing he could think of was that they both always struggled to decide on what to eat for lunch or dinner. Apparently it's that same old question which always seems to bubble to the surface - "I don't know what do you want?". I know I for one can totally relate to this answer and I'm sure many others will too. It's a pretty common issue which pains most of us on a daily basis. You're not alone guys!

I asked Nathan how he executed the proposal which lead to their Beachside Dojo wedding and he was happy to fill me in. Apparently, it all happened while they were away for their anniversary in Palm Cove just near Cairns. On one particular day, they both decided to take a short day trip over to Fitzroy Island. After cooling off with a dip in the ocean, Nathan decided to take Kerrie for a walk along the beach in search of quiet spot to bend the knee. He said, they eventually stumbled on a little secluded nook beath some trees and that's where he made his move.

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Vendors Involved:

Wedding planner: Lamel Designs
Celebrant: Celebrant Genevieve
Make-up artist: Eva Hair & Makeup
Floral designer: Blooming Lovely Bouquets
Videographer: Erive Films
DJ & Photobooth: The Party Starters
Bride's dress: Penrith Bridal Centre
Brides ring designer: Jogia Diamonds
Bridesmaid dresses: Samantha Rose - White Runway
Groom's suit: Peter Jackson

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