Nick & Tash’s Glenworth Valley Wedding

Nick & Tash’s Glenworth Valley Wedding

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Richard Johnston

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Nick & Tash – A Glenworth Valley Wedding Infused With Nature

Nick & Tash chose to hold their special day at the always charming Glenworth Valley estate. Glenworth valley definitely has all the feels and would have to easily be one of the most stunning Central Coast wedding venues. That’s because this 3000-acre property is situated within the secluded valley of the Central Coast’s hinterland. It is home to hundreds of horses, farm animals and natural wildlife. It really does create the perfect setting for a romantic bush wedding.

Nick and Tash were an absolute dream to work with during their Glenworth Valley Wedding. They were such an easy going couple and despite a little rain, it didn’t dampen their spirits. They took it in their stride and fully embraced it. This is what I recommend any couple should do on a wedding day which involves a little rain. A lot of love, laughs and special moments were shared throughout the day as they made the most of this special occasion.

For this Glenworth Valley wedding, my morning started out at Nick’s family holiday home in Norah Head. They were still in the process of moving in so the house was fairly empty. Okay, it was really empty, but this wasn’t a bad thing. It meant that I didn’t have to work around furniture or tidy up any areas. It sat perched on the hill cliff tops overlooking the ocean and beaches below. Not a bad spot if I do say so myself.

Nick set aside a little quiet time prior to his groomsmen arriving to read over his speech. Meaning I was busy organising and photographing all his details. From the moment Nick’s groomsmen walked through the front door, they were full of energy and laughs. Surprisingly, the guys were relatively organised on this occasion. This meant there was enough time left to do some creative shots with Nick in the home prior to leaving for their ceremony at Glenworth Valley.



I drove up the freeway constantly looking at the cloud formations. Unfortunately, it seemed that the clouds were there to stay and it wasn’t just a passing shower. Luckily the rain wasn’t heavy though, only a slight drizzle. I could see Nick and Tash’s guests had their umbrellas out as they sheltered from the rain at their Glenworth Valley Wedding. Eventually, the umbrellas were put away because the rain ceased, just in time for the ceremony. Nick and Tash chose to take advantage of the lookout at Glenworth Valley for their ceremony. Perched atop the cliff amongst some trees, the backdrop to their ceremony overlooked the entire valley. I knew it would look great in their Glenworth Valley wedding photography as it was quite breathtaking.

Nick did his best to fight the tears as Tash made her way down the aisle to him. However, he eventually succumbed and had to wipe them from his eyes. I love seeing and photographing an emotional groom at the end of the aisle, it’s always nice to see reactions like that. Another funny moment was when Tash’s father approached Nick and Herself after signing the registry. They were still standing at the end of the aisle and hadn’t yet commenced their walk through the crowd. Tash’s father got up from his seat, approached them and tipped his flower petals over their heads. Tash tried to explain that it wasn’t the right moment for that but her father just smiled and returned to his seat. I love when the unexpected happens. Their guests also got a little giggle out of it as well.



Following on from their ceremony we moved into one of my favourite parts of the day, the location shoot. I knew there was something special in store for Nick and Tash a little later afternoon because I had attended a wedding here as a guest a month or two earlier. But I’ll get to that shortly. Because the lookout at their Glenworth Valley wedding was so breathtaking, we decided to use this first. After a few portraits here, the staff brought their truck around and the bridal party climbed in the back. We also packed a few umbrellas in the car just in case the rain started up again.

Next, we made our way down into the valley of this Central Coast wedding venue. The dirt road lead us to a nice big rock which jutted out and from the ground. It seemingly demanded attention, so with the help of staff, we placed Nick and Tash on top. Part of the reason why this spot was so special was because of the backdrop. Situated behind the rock was a big grassy hill with white gum tree trunks which stretched upwards toward the sky.
We then found a little amphitheatre like setting amongst the trees for some bridal party portraits. This was only to be a quick pit stop as we were on our way down to the river for the main ‘special’ event.



The horse crossing! If you read the brief overview at the start of this post, you would know that Glenworth Valley is home to hundreds of horses. Each afternoon, the staff at Glenworth valley need to move the horses from one paddock to another. To get them there, it involves a river crossing which the horses run through. To get the most out of this experience and make their Glenworth Valley wedding photography the best it could be, we placed Nick and Tash at a safe distance on the river bank. This all took place while the bridal watched on from the bridge above. It was quite a spectacle to watch and photograph. The only thing which could have made this Glenworth valley Wedding moment any better was if Daryl Braithwaite’s ‘The Horses’ was being played out loud.

It’s worth mentioning just how fantastic and helpful the staff at Glenworth Valley really were. They stayed with us and drove the bridal party around for the entire afternoon. Offering refreshments and anything else they requested. It’s this kind of special service and their ability to impress which makes Glenworth Valley one of the best Central Coast wedding venues.



Tash and Nick entered their Glenworth Valley reception to a big cheer from their guests. A short period was given for everyone to settle in before the formalities of the evening commenced. Some special words were delivered by close family members and friends before the dance floor was opened up.

We had already taken more than enough wedding photography from this Central Coast wedding venue to fill an album. However, on this evening, I happened to have one smoke bomb left in my bag from a previous wedding. So we asked Tash and Nick if they wanted to do some Glenworth Valley wedding photography night shots and they were totally up for it. So I headed outside and began to set up before calling them out for five minutes. If you would like to see some of the results from this, have a look for these shots in the highlight reel below.

After such a wonderful day and night, it was topped off with a tunnel created by Nick and Tash’s guests for them to leave through.