Sam & Steph’s Boathouse Palm Beach Wedding

Sam & Steph’s Boathouse Palm Beach Wedding

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The Boathouse Palm Beach Wedding

Sam & Steph’s incredible Boathouse Palm Beach Wedding

It can often be quite difficult constantly trying to come up with the right words to convey just how special each and every wedding is. Sam & Steph’s Boathouse Palm Beach Wedding is no exception. From Steph’s champagne coloured dress to the arrangement of flowers chosen for their arbour, all the way down to the last detail. It was clear that every item on their wedding day had been meticulously thought of. Much more important than any detail though is the connection and bond each couple share. To their credit, it was obvious from the moment I met both Steph and Sam that I could see they were made for each other. It’s no wonder I was standing here at their wedding with my camera in hand!

It was the perfect day on the Northern Beaches for another Boathouse Palm Beach wedding. It seems like the sun is always shining when we shoot a wedding up this way. For their ceremony location, Sam & Steph decided to tie the knot down at a beautiful little spot called Clareville Beach Reserve. The arbour and chairs were positioned beneath a big overhanging tree, looking out towards the boats which sat anchored on the harbour. It provided some much-needed shelter from the heat of the summers sun. Given the title of this post, I’ll give you one guess as to where their reception was held. That’s right, not far down the road was the Boathouse Palm Beach. This is eventually where the two, their bridal party and guests would end up partying into the night come days end.

If you would like to read a more in-depth overview of Sam and Stephs Boathouse Palm Beach wedding then please use the accordions below. Otherwise, feel free to enjoy browsing through some of their highlight reel.


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[accordions active=”-1″] [accordion title=”The Morning”] It was a shorter drive than normal heading out to the house where Sam and Steph were getting ready on the morning of their Boathouse Palm Beach wedding. I love shooting weddings close to home! On this occasion, Sam and Steph were both getting ready at the same house.. I know what your thinking, doing it this way means they would see each other prior to their Palm Beach wedding ceremony. That wasn’t to be the case though as there were two separate areas for each party to get ready in.

The house was located a few streets away from where their ceremony was to take place which was quite convenient. When I arrived the guys were downstairs kicking back with a few beers. Really easing into their wedding day, after all, it doesn’t usually take the guys to long to get ready. While this was going on, Steph and her bridesmaids were upstairs having the final touches applied to their makeup. A bottle of whisky was sent down from up above and gifted to Sam to enjoy before their ceremony. The guys had already had a few beers though, so they decide er on the side of caution and save it for a later date. After breezing through their photos, it wasn’t long before the guys were dressed and ready to roll.

They slipped out the back door and down and made a b-line for their transport. It was a tastefully restored Kombi which was waiting in the driveway, ready to escort them down to the ceremony location. Steph and her bridesmaids would soon follow close behind. [/accordion][accordion title=”The Ceremony “] It was a beautiful ceremony location which they had chosen for their Boathouse Palm Beach wedding. On approach, I was pleased to see that they chose a spot in the shade, sheltered from an overhanging tree. I always recommend, if there is full shade available, choose that location for your ceremony if you are getting married in the middle of summer. This is because it provides a more even and flattering light for photography. With that being said, a shady place with the sun which breaks through is no good. It needs to be full shade or full sun. In their case, it was full shade and that made me happy.

Sam and his groomsmen took their places at the end of the aisle as he waited for his bride to arrive. Things don’t always run 100% to time on a wedding and this was the case for Steph’s arrival. Either that or she just wanted to build some suspense. It was good to see didn’t leave it to long though before walking down the aisle to greet her soon to be husband who had a grin on his face from ear to ear. Once their Boathouse Palm Beach wedding ceremony was complete and the papers were signed.

We took Sam and Steph for a short stroll down the beach to a small jetty and some boat sheds. It was here where we planned to incorporate some variation in their couple’s photos. Eventually, we would make our way up to the same location that was used for Matt & Jac’s Palm Beach Wedding. [/accordion][accordion title=”The Location”] As I have mentioned in Matt and Jac’s highlight reel, there are some locations which I like to try and keep under wraps. While it may already be a well-known area, I don’t like to further advertise it. Preferring to keep it special for couples I work with. When we arrived, there was already another bridal party making use of the tree location, so we ducted off to another area in the meantime and gave them some space. There are some many varying areas within this small space which is great for photography, so that can be done. Once they had finished up, we then headed up to get the shots we were after.

We didn’t have a great deal of time within this location as the time was drawing closer for Sam and Steph to enter their reception. Steph also wanted to have some photos taken on the beach alongside their Boathouse Palm beach wedding venue. So we had to factor this into our time frame as well.

When we arrived at the venue, the sun was already setting. Time was slowly getting away from us. So we then had to present Steph and Sam with an option. Did they want to do the entry to their reception and risk missing the sunset or head out to the beach first? They decided to do a quick entry before heading out to the beach. It seemed to be the right decision as there was just enough time to do both. We even managed to squeeze in some kombi shots. [/accordion][accordion title=”The Reception”] As you will expect, formalities were the first thing to get underway during their Boathouse Palm Beach wedding. Their good friend and MC managed to have everyone in stitches with every word that left his mouth. He smartly complimented the girls on how beautiful they looked and took it in the other direction for the guys. In his words “I wish I could say the same for the guys”. He then went to town on each and every one of them with some classic one-liners. Not even Sam himself was lucky enough to escape a remark. It was an interesting approach but he pulled it off as their guests loved every minute of it.

Following the speeches, it was then time for cake cutting and the bouquet toss. Steph apparently didn’t know her own strength when it came to the bouquet toss. She threw it straight over all the single ladies who were waiting to grab it and into the hands of a man behind them. I guess there is no harm in breaking traditions. Hopefully, he enlists Lonely Hunter weddings to shoot his when the time comes. The rest of their Boathouse Palm Beach wedding night was filled with a continuous dancing.

The DJ played a good mix of old and new music for Sam and Steph’s guests to enjoy.

Thanks for having me at your wedding Sam and Steph. I hope you had just as much fun as I did!