Growwild Wildflower Farm Wedding

Growwild Wildflower Farm Wedding

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Richard Johnston

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Sony & Jenny – Growwild Wildflower Farm Wedding

Can you tell us a little about yourselves?: We met each other on December 29th. We were both travelling in Korea at the time and Jenny’s friends went out for ‘one drink’ which ended up being a tragic bar-hopping, karaoke filled night. We met through a mutual friend though neither of us really paid any attention to one another. Jenny was too busy shepherding her drunk friends around that night and Sony was busy singing his sad Korean ballads at Karaoke. We reconnected back in Sydney and met up a few times but it wasn’t until Sony realised Jenny was losing interest (fast) because she was getting tired of waiting for him to ask her out. He got ‘vibes’ and the feeling of impending doom overcame him and so, in the middle of the night he drove to Jenny’s with a mission to ask her out by persuading her with Maccas nuggies… which were COLD… but she said yes anyway.

How did the proposal take place that lead to your Growwild Wildflower Farm Wedding in The Southern Highlands?: Sony planned the proposal months in advance and dreamed of the perfect proposal at his favourite lookout place – Blackheath Lookout. However, covid pushed his plans back and mother nature was not kind to him leading up to the big day. We had planned to go camping with our usual camp-crew but torrential rain meant that the team had to look for a new campsite the day before. Jenny was very upset everyone was insisting on going camping when roads and campsites were closed due to flooding. But Sony and the team had a mission and were determined for it to happen, so a very grumpy Jenny sat through the entire drive quietly seething. To top things off… it rained so hard overnight our tent leaked and pooled water all night… When the weather cleared up in the morning, Sony bailed out the pool in the tent while Jenny sat watching with a ‘I told you so’ look on her face. We headed to the Lookout in the afternoon and with the help of their sneaky friends, Sony was able to surprise Jenny with a proposal in front of the misty valley. Jenny’s first words as he reached into his pocket was ‘Are you serious?’. Sony’s mind blanked and he forgot everything he had planned to say…

What was the vision for your Growwild Wildflower Farm Wedding: A laid back, relaxed wedding with family and friends.

Why did you select Growwild Wildflower Farm in The Southern Highlands for your wedding?: Open and airy, we like camping so it really spoke to our appreciation for nature. Beautiful venue with ceremony, canape and reception locations all in one place



Vendors Involved:

Venue: Growwild Wildflower Farm | Celebrant:  Maria Olvina | Hair & Make-up artist:  Zoe Zhu  | Floral designer:  Floral Fix | Live Music: Kristina Reitsma | Cake: Amy Bakes Cakes | Catering: PB Catering |Bride’s dress: Khya Studios