Ovolo Hotel Wedding

Ovolo Hotel Wedding

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Ovolo Hotel Wedding


Olivia & Malcom – Ovolo Hotel Wedding

Can you tell us a little about yourselves?: We are both different but similar. Both youngest of three with a brother and sister each. Malcolm would say he’s an extroverted introvert and I (Olivia) would say I’m an extroverted extrovert. Malcolm works in booze and is passionate about all things agave spirits, whiskey and cats. I work in HR and am passionate about sour lollies, Celine Dion and poodles. We met at the bar that Malcolm was managing and I pretty much decided that he would be mine and made it so. We both love music of all sorts, are fiercely loyal and value family (in the various forms that family comes in).

How did the proposal take place that lead to your Ovolo Hotel wedding?: Malcolm proposed on our 5 year anniversary and I wondered if it would happen but had written it off as being too significant a date for him to do it on – I thought he was more likely to propose to me whilst one of us was on the toilet and the other brushing their teeth. It was actually very romantic. We had decided that to celebrate our 5 year anniversary we’d treat ourselves to dinner at the Apollo as we live just nearby. Mal hates social media and that morning, I had said I wanted him and I to take a nice photo to post on instagram and didn’t want him complaining about it (I believe my exact words were “don’t be a little bitch about it and take a photo with me”). When I got home from work, we went to walk to The Apollo and Mal suggested walking a longer way to go through a really nice park near where we live so we could get a nice photo. This made me a bit suss but as we were walking, I tried to see if he had a ring box in his pant pockets just in case – I couldn’t see anything so the suspicion subsided. When we got to the park, we were having a cuddle and then he said “I’ve got a question for you” and dropped to one knee. I burst into tears and said “are you serious?!” and then kept crying. Poor Mal had to ask if it was a yes!

What have you learnt about each other since being together?: We have learnt that we are both equally the most annoying person the other has ever met. I have learnt patience, compromise and how to be a better listener. I think Malcolm has learnt how to let things go/apologise and forgive and compromise. We have both grown in confidence and understanding who we are as individuals and also who the other is and their strengths. Of particular significance, Mal has helped me learn the joy that is cats – I used to hate cats but they are the weirdest, greatest pet (after poddles of course).

Can you tell us a little about the vision you have for your Ovolo Hotel wedding?: We want a day that is low stress and fun with all of our favourite people. The last 2 years have been pretty tough with my Dad and Grandma dying, along with covid so we really just want to get to the wedding – we’re a bit at the point of just wanting it to be over because we’re sick of postponing and worrying about it. That being said, the style is fun, vibrant and easy. We just want a day that feels like us which is a bit silly, not pretentious and quality time spent with our family and friends.

What was the reason for selecting Ovolo Hotel as your wedding venue?: We picked Ovolo at Woolloomooloo because we wanted a venue that didn’t feel like a function centre (you know the ones with the hideous swirly carpets – no thanks). I didn’t want a destination wedding (Malcolm would have ideally liked Bowral/Southern Highlands) so we had to find somewhere in Sydney that felt like us. We wanted somewhere that we hadn’t been to a heap of weddings at, with good food and booze. With the number of people we wanted and our budget, this left a few options and Ovolo was the right fit.
We also love that it’s right near where we live in Elizabeth Bay and it’s by the water but still feels urban and a bit different.



Vendors Involved:

Venue: Ovolo Hotel, Woolloomooloo | Wedding planner: Emily Jean Events | Hair stylist: Courtney Hurst | Floral designer: Floral Assembly | Cake designer: Create Cake | Live music: The White Tree Band | Bride’s dress: Marry Me Bridal | Ring designer: Larsen Jewelers | Bridesmaid dresses: Shona Joy | Groom’s suit: Peter Jackson