Allview Escape Wedding

Allview Escape Wedding

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Richard Johnston

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Chris & Sarah’s – Allview Escape Wedding

Chris is an engineering project manager who loves to go cycling, brew coffee and get creative with photography and videography in his spare time. Sarah on the other hand works for Singapore Airlines as a sales operations officer. She loves to travel, go on adventures and exercise in her spare time. Funnily enough, Sarah & Chris were in the same year at high school, however they never said a word to each other throughout their high school years. It wasn’t until after high school where they became friends and decided to give it a shot.

Prior to their Allview Escape Wedding, I asked Chris and Sarah how the proposal went down. Chris mentioned that because they both loved exercise, he decided to propose following a short hike. Apparently while on the hike, they both stopped on the crest of a hill which overlooked the famous Seacliff Bridge near Wollongong and it was here where Chris decided to get down on one knee and ask the love of his life to marry him.

For their Allview Escape wedding both Sarah and Chris wanted to create a rustic, Scandinavian mountain theme and even though their wedding took place in February, they were hoping to incorporate some Autumn Vibes. I’m told the main reason behind why they selected Allview Escape as their wedding venue was because of the amazing valley views! If you are curious to see the views they are referring to, just take a look through their photos and you will totally get what they mean..




Venue: Allview Escape | Celebrant: David Lang | Make-up artist: Susanna | Videographer: Hayden Buchannan | Cake designer: Casa Del | DJ: First Choice DJ’s | Bride’s dress: D’italia | Bride’s shoes: Loeffler Randall | Bridesmaid dresses: Dresses In REd Orchre | Groom Suit: Mj Bale | Groomsmen’s Suit: YD | Caterer: The Wilderness Chef