Central Coast Wedding Photographer

Central Coast Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Richard

I am the owner and award winning photographer behind Lonely Hunter Weddings. As a Central Coast wedding photographer, not only is my sole purpose to provide you with an assortment of images that you will look back on in years to come but it's also to help ensure you throughouly enjoy your wedding day by having as much fun as possible. To gurantee your experience is second to none, I will be there from enquiry all the way through to delivery and beyond, offering any guidance and support, whenever you may need it. I personally understand how much thought, energy and planning will go into bringing your wedding vision to life and it's for this reason I plan to work closely with you to ensure it's captured exactly as you had imagined.

As a wedding photographer, I believe there is so much more to your wedding day than just the first kiss or first dance etc. Instead I see a wedding day as a continuous string of smaller details and moments which come together to tell your love story. Whether its your initials inscribed on the inside of a ring, an over the shoulder glance or a tear running down a cheek no story is complete without context. When it comes my shooting style I always aim to keep the photography as fun and relaxed as possible, always doing my best to blend in when necessary.

Additional Information

As a Central Coast wedding photographer, I love to traveling for weddings and shoot in new and exciting locations. It's what keeps things interesting! This love of travel means I don't charge any extra fees, for weddings located within three hours drive of Sydney.

This is just a brief overview about my approach to wedding photography, if you would like to learn a little more bout myself, please feel free to visit my About page. If on the otherhand you have heard and seen enough and would like to get a copy of my pricing and packages, Please fill out the contact form here and I'll be in touch.

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Sonya & Dylan

"Where do I start! Richard, you are nothing short of amazing! Your warm friendly down to earth vibe made us all feel so comfortable and like we already knew you! After seeing your work in person at my friend's wedding I was so sad I had already booked a photographer. But when covid cancelled our first wedding date I knew I wanted to book you for the next one. Boy was I glad when you were available! You captured every picture I wanted and more. Those Sunset and night pictures would have to be My favourite. They are out of this world. Thank you for not only being the most amazing photographer but keeping us in check with time haha I know we weren’t the easiest clients to deal with keeping to time haha especially with our enormous bridal party. Somehow even with me running 40 minutes late to the ceremony, you managed to still get every single photograph even though time-restricted them all with lighting. I could go on forever, but honestly Thank you so much! We can not recommend you enough!!"

Reanne & Daniel

"Richard did such an amazing job at our wedding! The photos are all so beautiful, we are so happy with them. Great communication and really quick turn around too. On the day he was so friendly and easy to get along with. All our wedding guests thought he was great too. Would absolutely recommend!!"

Anna & Martin

"Richard is incredible - we had him do our mini-wedding after having to postpone our larger wedding until next year and we couldn't be happier. He was super professional, responsive and produced stunning shots which we will treasure for a lifetime. Couldn't recommend him more highly!!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Photography by a northern beaches & sydney wedding photographer

Why should we choose Lonely Hunter Weddings?

I’m normally a pretty humble person, so I’m not usually one to try and sell myself. But to help you find the right Central Coast wedding photographer for your wedding, I feel on this occasion I should highlight what sets Lonely Hunter Weddings apart.
While I could discuss my approach to photography and my abilities, I whole heartedly believe that it's my personalised approach when it comes to working with my clients. For me, I understand that every wedding is unique and I believe your experience should be as well. As a Central Coast wedding photographer, I will not treat your wedding like every other. Rather, I will work closely with you so that I can get an understanding of your personalities and what makes you you. I like to operate this way as it gives us the opportunity to work together to achieve your desired result. Another big positive when it comes to working together is that it will also leave you feeling more comfortable to be yourself in front of my camera on the day. Not to mention, when all is said and done, you won’t just be a client, you will be a friend.

What is your photographic style?

When it comes to photographing your wedding day, I tend to shoot in a photojournalistic/documentary way. This means that for the majority of a wedding day, I photograph in a candid nature, capturing moments and events as they occur. I do believe some direction is needed throughout the day though. By this I mean I will provide guidance on occasion as to where the best light, backdrops and composition can be found. In terms of framing, I always aim to provide a mix of photos, this can include tight shots and wide-angle shots which include the landscape and setting as I feel this helps in telling the story of your wedding and where it took place.
I always try to steer away from posing couples in a way which is stiff or leaves you looking lifeless. Instead, I would much rather see you interacting with each other, laughing, running, walking, dancing. Photos which involve movement like this usually will result in much more natural-looking images.

Would you like to know more about some of the other shooting styles that a Central Coast wedding photographer could possibly use on a wedding day? If so, it may be worth having a read of this article on wedding photography styles.

What type of equipment do you use?

As a professional Central Coast wedding photographer and a perfectionist at heart, I always strive to deliver the best quality possible. Because you're paying for a premium service, I’m of the belief that your photos shouldn't look like they could have easily been taken on relatives camera or a guests phone. Through my photography, I want to show you a quality that you have not seen before. All this wouldn’t be possible though if I wasn’t using top of the range gear and equipment!

It’s also worth mentioning that I use two cameras, not just one. Using two cameras helps to prevent me from missing a moment as there won’t be a period where I need to change lenses, I will have everything I need on me. In an unfortunate situation where one camera may accidentally malfunction/break, it also means there is back up camera on hand.

I am a Canon fan boy when it comes to my equipment and couldn’t imagine using anything else! I have had clients ask what type of gear I use in the past when shooting, so to help, I have listed all my equipment below. This list of equipment is what I use or have on hand during a wedding day.

- Canon 1DX Mark II
- Canon 5D Mark IV
- Canon prime lenses: 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.2, 85mm f1.4
- Canon 70 - 200mm f2.8
- Canon 16 - 35mm f2.8
- Canon macro 100mm f2.8
- 2 x 600 EX-RT Speedlights
- 2x Profoto B11+
- DJI Phantom 4 Pro (drone)
- Sirui Tripod

Do you travel for weddings and is there an additional cost?

Oh, most definitely! I am based on the Central Coast and operate out of this location. However, that doesn’t mean this is the only area I service. In fact, I actually prefer to shoot weddings in different areas and new locations. For me, this is what keeps my job fresh and interesting!
As a Central Coast wedding photographer, most of my weddings are spread out through the The Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Central Coast (obviously), Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and South Coast areas.
While these are the areas where most of our weddings take place, we do also take bookings and shoot weddings both domestically and internationally.

When it comes to travelling and the fees involved, I just want you to know that I DO NOT charge any extra for travel for weddings located within a three-hour drive from Sydney. If your wedding is to take place outside this travel range, I do charge a small fee. However, this is only designed to cover my travel and accommodation expenses. Regardless, I still urge you to get in touch so that we can discuss your wedding, where ever it may be.

How long will it take to recieve our wedding photographs?

When it comes to delivery of your wedding photos I always strive to do this within an acceptable time frame. This is because I know you are probably dying to see them. Not only to simply re live your day but also to share with family and friends.
As a Central Coast wedding photographer, my process for delivery when it comes to your photos is as follows:

- 3 to 4 days following your wedding I will deliver a highlight reel to you which consists of anywhere from 70 to 120 images
- Within 3 to 5 weeks following your wedding, you will receive the remaining images (entire collection)

Wedding photography is expensive, why is that?

It’s easy to assume that wedding photography is over priced but that is a common misconception! If you were to take a deeper look into exactly how much work is actually involved and really break down the time that’s involved, the costs may not seem so expensive. In fact, the amount most wedding photographers charge is actually quite reasonable. Just to give you a basic idea, from the moment an enquiry comes in up until the finished product is handed over, I will spend on average around 40 hours on a single wedding. There are also many other factors and expenses which come into play as well but I won't list them all here. If you would like more information on this process, please feel free to check out an article I wrote on this exact topic ' why wedding photography costs so much'.

Do you pose your couples?

Over the years, the word ‘pose’ is really one I have come to dislike. Rather than asking my couple to stand in a position and hold it for a given period of time to the point where you start to look lifeless, I prefer to introduce movement and have my couples interact with each other. I do have a few little prompts and things I say when in the moment to help you relax and get you laughing. But with this approach, all I am try to create is a fun and relaxed environment where you can feel comfortable to be yourselves. I feel it’s this approach that will really show your personalities and the connection you share with each other. A lifeless ‘pose’ won’t achieve this!

Additionally, I will provide guidance based on where the lighting, backdrops and composition is best in order to achieve the best possible photos. On occasion, some couples can request a little more guidance/direction and that's okay too, I'm happy to provide more when necessary but for the most part, I try to shoot as candid as possible.

Do you use flash, strobes or artificial lighting?

If I were to categorise myself into one of the two categories, be that a natural light photographer or flash photographer, I would say I am most definitely a natural light photographer. When shooting, I much prefer to use the ambient/natural light produced by the sun rather than flash. However, in some situations where there isn’t enough available sunlight (really dark settings or at night), only then would I use flash. This is because the quality of each photo taken in these dark settings would deteriorate if flash is not used.

Do you edit every single image?

Of course! Every single image which is taken is edited and colour graded by Lonely Hunter Weddings. There is absolutely no way to batch edit all images at the same time as each image will look completely different from the last.

Over the years, I have spent a great deal of time fine-tuning my signature editing style in order to make your images look as good as they possibly can. My editing consists of basic adjustments (exposure, contrast, shadow & highlight recovery etc), in-depth colour grading & correction as well as some additional creative edits for any images which lend themselves to it. Your entire collection of images will contain a mixture of both colour and black and white images (up to 30%). Photoshop work which involves removing certain objects from photos or changing body shapes is not included in my standard editing process. If however you have a small blemish or the like which you would like removed, this can be done easily.

Will you help organise our wedding day timeline?

Of course, wedding day timeline coordination is actually part of my service. As a Central Coast wedding photographer, I feel it is somewhat my responsibility to help you with timelines and provide guidance on the time required for each section of the day. This is because a timeline which is constructed with photography in mind can only improve the package which is to be delivered at the end of the day. If you would like to get a head start on designing your wedding day timeline or would like some information on how to put one together, then this article ‘ creating a wedding day timeline’ is definitely worth a read!

What are your rates and how do we make a booking?

It would be quite easy just to list my prices on my website but I would much rather get to know a little about you, your wedding day and the plans you may have before sending out my pricing and packages. So, if you would like a copy of my Central Coast wedding photography pricing and package list, then please fill out the contact page on my website and I’ll get back to you within a 24 hour period.

When it comes to making a booking, LHW requires a $1000 non-refundable deposit to be paid and a copy of our wedding agreement will need to be signed and returned. If/when you're ready to make a booking, simply let Lonely Hunter Weddings know and I will send you across all the details on how to reserve your date.

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